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Every kind of vegetable, healthy, high quality, economic conditions, offers the taste of consumers.
    • Ülkü Tarım

      Ruth Foster Teacher

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      Ülkü Agriculture sector entered the market in 1987 with sales of fresh vegetables and fruits. It expanded its market network with rapid growth. Bayrampaşa rented space in order to ensure the logistics of their neighborhood markets in the process. He invested in collection, calibration, packaging and transportation to ensure that the product reaches the freshest and healthiest of the final consumer. ÜLKÜ TARIM is located in the country; We serve with commission shops in Bayrampaşa state no 549 city no 402 state no 127. (Antalya Mavikent Hal no 101-102, Antalya Elmalı hal no 25, MUĞLA FETHIYE WEST MEDITERRANEAN no 81, Bayrampaşa hali.) Nurullah ÜLKÜ, Emrullah ÜLKÜ, Hayri ÜLKÜ İbrahim ÜLKÜ, ÜLKÜ TARIM founded by the cartels; fresh vegetables and fruit; in order to reach the consumers in the most healthy, economical and fresh way, we are constantly establishing a dialogue with the manufacturer. It provides continuous support for research on efficient and healthy agricultural methods. Investigating agricultural land that has not been affected by environmental pollution, it promotes organic agriculture of the people of the region and presents the products they produce. To offer you one thousand kinds of agricultural products and taste of our Anatolian; we are proud to increase the service quality every day by delivering the products that you can consume safely. We wish you a blessing on our days, a taste in your mouth, a lifetime